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What Is Li-SOCL2 Battery, and What Are the Strengths of Li-SOCL2 Battery?

Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-Li/SOCl2) battery is a type of primary battery that uses thionyl chloride as the cathode and lithium as the anode. The ions of a non-rechargeable battery are transported between the anode and the cathode. The Li-SOCL2 battery is widely used in many applications because of its many vital strengths, like high energy density, high capacity, extended lifespan, extended temperature range, low self-discharge rate, etc. Learn about its advantages, application scenarios, product recommendations, and more. 

The Unique Advantages of Li-SOCL2 Batteries

Li-SOCL2 batteries have many key advantages that make them ideal for use in remote applications, harsh environments, and other settings where reliable, long-lasting power is required. Their unique benefits include the following:

1. Greater Energy Density and Higher Capacity

A Li-SOCL2 battery offers excellent performance because of its high energy density. As commercial application batteries, they also have a higher capacity, making them suitable for many applications.

2. Extended Temperature Range

The temperature range of a Li-SOCL2 battery is -55°C to 85°C, which is very high compared to many other types, making it suitable for use in harsh environments.

3. Long Long Shelf Life

Li-SOCL2 batteries have a long lifespan, reaching a very long shelf life that is more than 10 to 15 years, making them suitable for long-term storage and use in many applications.

4. Higher Operating Voltage

The Li-SOCL2 batteries have high cell voltages (nominal voltage 3 .6V) and energy densities of the practical battery systems. Long shelf life and operation life, wide operation temperature range, and flat operation voltage plateau make it the best choice for multiple utilization, especially IoT devices.

5. Low Self-Discharge Rate

Li-SOCl2 batteries can remain unused for a long time without draining too quickly due to self-discharge. Their low self-discharge rate makes them suitable for applications that require long-term battery life, e.g., data loggers, remote sensors, etc.

Application Scenarios of Li-SOCl2 Batteries

Li-SOCl2 batteries have a noticeable presence in all sectors. Their typical application scenarios include the following:

Smart Meters

A Li-SOCl2 battery, such as EVE ER34615, provides a consistent power output when combined with EVE’s SPC battery technology. EVE’s ER+SPC battery technology is a prior solution for smart meters and has already been successfully utilized in some wireless communication applications..

IoT Applications

In IoT applications, Li-SOCl2 batteries can power a wide range of devices, such as sensors, wireless modules, data loggers, tracking devices, and more. Their high energy density, long shelf life, and compatibility with low-power devices make them a reliable choice for powering IoT devices that require extended battery life and stable performance.

Oil and Gas Industry

Li-SOCl2 batteries are also used in various equipment and devices in the oil and gas industry. They power downhole monitoring tools, wellhead controls, pipeline monitoring systems, and other remote sensing equipment. The batteries’ high energy density and long shelf life make them well-suited for these demanding applications.

Logistics Tracking System

Logistics tracking systems require reliable and consistent power to function correctly. The EVE ER34615 + SPC battery’s various properties ensure these systems are operative 24/7, even in harsh conditions. The ER34615 + SPC solution provides long-lasting power to track and monitor the movement of shipments, and inventory, ensuring continuous operation over extended periods.


Overall, solutions like SPC + Li-SOCL2 batteries are valuable to many industries thanks to their unique characteristics and advantages. The reputed battery manufacturer EVE offers a wide range of safe, high-capacity, and high-performance batteries. The EVE SPC + Li-SOCL2 battery solution is recommended because of its high specific energy density, long lifespan, high and stable voltage, low self-discharge rate, and more. More importantly, the EVE SPC + Li-SOCL2 battery solution has already been maturely utilized in multiple applications.

Established in 2001, EVE is one of the most creative lithium battery manufacturers in the industry. The brand is globally renowned for producing cost-effective, reliable, and high-quality batteries for a wide variety of applications. Strongly focusing on research & development and commitment to using the latest technologies, EVE introduces innovative products that provide superior performance and value. EVE’s commitment to sustainable development and customer satisfaction has made its SPC + Li-SOCL2 batteries a popular solution for customers in kinds of industries.

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