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SharePoint Intranet Portal Governance: Tips for Success

In today’s fast-paced world, SharePoint sites are multiplying like never before, empowering us to work from virtually anywhere. With significant capabilities, also come significant responsibilities โ€“ particularly within the domain of SharePoint intranets.

Not long ago, the concept of widespread remote work was beyond imagination. Today, SharePoint provides us with the means to effortlessly exchange and cooperate on documents and information from any part of the globe. Yet, beneath this digital wizardry lies the heart of SharePoint governance strategy โ€“ information architecture and management.

To keep your sensitive data safe and sound, IT admins wrestle with questions like, “Who can access what, and why?” And let’s not forget the marvel of external sharing, which allows us to collaborate with outside users in Microsoft’s modern workplace. It presents a remarkable chance, yet it is not devoid of potential downsides.

Without the right practices and formal guidance, you might find yourself in a security and sprawl nightmare. That’s why having a rock-solid governance plan for your SharePoint is absolutely essential. With the right strategy in place, you can secure, protect, and breathe easy as you navigate the ever-expanding world of SharePoint.

This blog post explores the significance of SharePoint Intranet Portal governance and offers valuable tips for achieving success in this regard.

Crafting Your Intranet Governance Masterplan: From Objectives to Best Practices

In the dynamic realm of intranet governance, creating a compelling plan is your key to success. Once you’ve laid the foundation with the essential elements of governance, the next step is to craft your intranet governance plan, and we’re here to guide you through this thrilling journey.

  • Setting Your Sights: Identifying Objectives and Goals

Picture your intranet as a powerful vessel sailing towards the future. To steer it right, your first task is to identify clear objectives and goals that align with your organization’s mission and vision. Dive deep into your organization’s needs and aspirations โ€“ your intranet could be the bridge that enhances communication, boosts collaboration, amps up productivity, or grants access to crucial information. The horizon is yours to chart.

  • Building the Castle: Developing Policies and Procedures

With your goals in sight, it’s time to build the castle walls. Develop comprehensive policies and procedures that govern content creation and management, user permissions, and security measures. Craft these guidelines with clarity and precision, making sure they’re accessible to all stakeholders. They should address everything from how content is created, published, and archived to the roles and responsibilities of users, password policies, and security protocols. Your castle must stand strong.

  • Unleash the Watchdogs: Setting Up Monitoring and Reporting

No castle is complete without vigilant guards. Set up a robust system for monitoring and reporting on your intranet’s performance. Define metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure its effectiveness. Choose tools and methods for collecting and analyzing data with care. Establish regular reporting cycles and share the results with stakeholders. Your watchful eyes will ensure the intranet’s continued success.

Best Practices for Intranet Governance: Thrive in the Digital Kingdom

Now that your governance plan is taking shape, it’s time to embrace best practices to ensure your intranet thrives in the digital kingdom:

1. Regular Content Review and Maintenance: Keep your intranet fresh and relevant through periodic content audits and updates. Ensure it remains a valuable resource for all.

2. User Training and Support: Empower your employees with effective training, user guides, and responsive technical support. Knowledge is the key to adoption and usage.

3. Consistent Branding and Design: Forge a unified intranet experience with consistent branding and design. Make navigation a breeze and reinforce your company’s identity.

4. Ensuring Compliance and Security: Guard your digital fortress with robust policies and procedures. Protect against unauthorized access and malicious activity. Keep sensitive data safe through permissions, encryption, and regular security audits.

In the thrilling world of intranet governance, your plan is your guiding star. With it, you’ll navigate the seas of objectives, policies, and best practices, ensuring that your intranet kingdom remains secure, relevant, and ready for whatever the digital future may bring.


SharePoint Intranet Portals are powerful tools for enhancing collaboration and information management within organizations. However, their success hinges on effective governance.

By establishing clear policies, promoting user engagement, and staying adaptable, organizations can ensure that their SharePoint Intranet Portals remain secure, efficient, and aligned with their business objectives. Moreover, integration services like SharePoint Integration Services play a pivotal role in connecting the portal with other systems, enhancing its utility and value within the organization.

With a strong governance framework in place, organizations can harness the full potential of SharePoint Intranet Portals to drive productivity and innovation.

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