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Real Device Cloud Testing: The Key to Successful App Launches

Imagine a customer using the same application on two different devices. Let us say they try your app on Android and iOS phones. When opening the app simultaneously on both devices, they find it loads faster on iOS while it lags on Android.

This is a very possible situation, given how all devices and platforms are not equal. But do you think users will understand this? With 70% of users abandoning the apps when they take too long to load, the answer would be a clear no!

In today’s world, where there is a huge device-OS fragmentation, the same app is accessed through multiple devices like tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and desktops with different versions of operating systems. Your users expect the same level of functioning on different platforms.

The next question is, how do you satisfy your users’ expectations? The answer lies in real device cloud testing. As testers of an application, a real device cloud benefits you by providing instant access to a large number of devices that you can access from anywhere and at any time.

Want to know more about how real device cloud testing is the key to successful app launches? Read this blog till the end and know more about it. Also, be ready for the big reveal as we tell you the best platform in 2023 for real device testing.

Top 8 Benefits of Real Device Cloud Testing

If you don’t want your app to end in the same position as mentioned earlier, it is time to switch to a real device cloud for testing your applications. Here are some of the top benefits that a real device cloud can offer:

1.   Increased Test Coverage

Get quick access to a wide range of iOS and Android devices like iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, One Plus, Vivo, Oppo, and operating systems, including their beta versions. This will help you choose the device-OS combination you want to test so that you can deliver flawless applications to the public.

2.   Enhanced Team Collaboration

With all the devices and OS combinations available in one place through a real device cloud, the testing and developing teams from across the globe can seamlessly and quickly share test results. This will allow them to find out the root cause of test failure and resolve application issues faster.

3.   Accelerated Test Execution

With a real device cloud, you can test your application by running tests on real devices in parallel with low error rates. As a result, you don’t have to select the devices and run tests individually, which can be time-consuming and lead to delays in delivery deadlines.

4.   Reduced Maintenance Hassles

In traditional on-premise setups, teams must purchase, install, and maintain real devices by figuring out the right mix. With the help of a real device cloud, you can access various devices using the Internet. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about constant updates and maintenance as service providers handle these issues.

5.   Get Accurate Results

Even if you don’t set up an on-premise device lab, testing on emulators and simulators is unreliable. They don’t provide accurate results as they don’t verify real-life conditions like battery life, geolocation, network conditions, device overheating, notifications, etc. A real device cloud tests these real-world conditions to ensure your application is ready for the actual world.

6.   Cost Savings

Organizations can save a huge amount of time and costs that they currently spend on purchasing and maintaining on-premise device labs. When you partner with a real device cloud provider, the QA teams can implement the testing without delays, as all the devices are readily available. Consequently, you can release flawless applications that appease the end users.

7.   Improved Security

Real device cloud testing should be your go-to solution if you are increasingly worried about the security of your app’s sensitive information. Real device cloud offers testing teams a secure and isolated environment, ensuring their intellectual property is safe from threats.

8.   Embrace Automated Testing

A real device cloud testing environment is versatile as it allows testers to run both automated and manual tests. With automated testing, you can quickly gather comprehensive feedback on app performance and functionality.

On the other hand, manual testing will allow you to check specific functionalities and understand the capabilities of your app. All-in-all, combining both in the testing process will help you deliver superior-quality apps in the market.

The Best Platform For Real Device Testing

With so many benefits of a real device cloud, we are sure you must have decided to pick one for testing applications. But with so many platforms available today, choosing the right platform can be a challenge. You will have to spend hours comparing the features of different platforms and then choose the one that aligns with your business goals.

But let us save you from all that struggle! We have compared and found the best platform for real-device cloud testing. Let us introduce you to TestGrid, a real device cloud testing platform that offers a combination of devices and browsers for testing applications and delivering smooth user experiences.

Key Features of TestGrid:

  • Test your applications on hundreds of real devices to ensure 100% real user experience
  • Take advantage of automated cross-browser testing to build tests in a scriptless manner and run them automatically
  • Integrates performance engineering into your CI/CD process to detect bugs early in SDLC
  • Run tests in parallel or sequence to save time and efforts
  • One-stop platform for all your end-to-end testing needs
  • Get Enterprise-grade security and 24X7 customer support
  • Use AI to auto-heal test cases and prevent them from failing
  • Allows local code execution and network-level testing
  • Allows you to scale up and down as per your requirements


In a nutshell, real device cloud testing is beneficial for organizations looking to increase the reliability and responsiveness of their apps. When you use a real device cloud, you ensure your audience gets the best user experience across various platforms and devices. As a result, they leave positive reviews about your app and build your brand’s reputation.

To achieve all of this in a cost-efficient way, we recommend trying TestGrid, an AI-powered codeless automation testing platform. The platform allows testers to test their applications for battery life, GPS, network conditions, and hand gestures like swipe, zoom, and scroll. Moreover, it detects bugs early in the development stage, ensuring there are negligible chances of app crashes when you launch them.



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