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Premium Channels Offered by Optimum TV

Optimum internet is managed and controlled by Altice USA and is one of the best TV service providers in the US. It serves millions of customers in over 21 states, providing them with the best experience with Live TV, on-demand channels, shows, and movies in crisp 4K UHD quality and much more.

To get the best package, you can pair it with high-speed internet from Optimum internet. It offers some of the best deals, with no contracts and free equipment. Moreover, recently they have been working on a 100% fiber connection that can hit up to 5 Gigs of internet speed.

Making a switch to Optimum gives you a lot of benefits. Moreover, it offers premium channels at a low cost, so you can enjoy hit movies, original shows, and live sports all in one place. Here is a list of premium channels on Optimum TV that are sure to give you unmatched entertainment. You can buy them on your account on a valid TV package.


With all the greatest hits and running shows from HBO and new originals, HBO Max offers a complete collection for the whole family. Plus, you get all your favorite shows, series, hits, classics, and much more. Stream all you want at one low price of $14.99 per month.  


The premium grounds for some of the world’s best series, SHOWTIME, is on Optimum TV at $11.95 per month. Watch hit movies, great shows, amazing sports, mind-blowing documentaries, and much more on SHOWTIME premium. Get all this in multiple channels, including SHOWTIME Extreme and SHOWTIME Family.  


With original hit series and the greatest movies, STARZ brings the ultimate experience. It features amazing and confident storytelling from multiple perspectives. Get access to STARZ and STARZ Encore at a low price of $11.95 per month.


Cinemax offers a wonderful watch time with powerful shows and hit movies every week. So stay hooked to high-skill, action-packed, non-stop action and adventure shows, plus films that will keep you and your family entertained for hours. A Cinemax subscription comes with multiple channels list at $11.95 per month.


STARZ Encore brings live entertainment, the greatest movies, the best hits, and some amazing series from STARZ in one great place. Unlock a featured-filled entertainment session from STARZ and STARZ Encore at only $11.95 per month.  

The Movie Channel

Many great, favorite, and amazing movies are packed in one place, and that is The Movie Channel. All big shows, comedies, dramas, classic, and much more is available on The Movie Channel, plus more channels in a package priced at only $11.95 per month.

These are the premium subscriptions offered with Optimum TV. Moreover, you can also get pay-per-view and on-demand channels. Also, it brings international programming in several languages.

The prices may be altered and include taxes. For further information on cost, services, or answers to queries, visit the optimum pricing page or contact their customer service.  

Optimum TV Packages

With amazing shows, movies, and more, Optimum TV offers a reliable TV Service with the following packages.

Core TV: At $105 per month, enjoy 220+ channels, including Disney, CNN, and ESPN, among others.

Select TV: At $130 per month, enjoy 340+ channels, including National Geographic, MLB, Discovery, and more.

Premier TV: At $155 per month, enjoy 420+ channels, including SHOWTIME, HBO Max, and more.

Visit the Optimum website for all the details and additional information.  

Other Features and Benefits

Optimum TV has not only amazing shows and series but also other features, including the following:

Loaded apps – several built-in apps increase the overall TV-watching experience, like Netflix and YouTube.

Voice-enabled Remote – Optimum TV box comes with a smart and compact remote with a voice control feature to make searching efficient and convenient.

Ultra High-Quality Experience – Optimum TV also enables the true watching experience with 4K UHD results.  


Don’t miss out on the ultimate watch time with friends or family with multi-stream capabilities at reasonable costs. Optimum Internet and TV is a complete service with top speeds, reliable connectivity, and wide availability so that you can get a complete entertainment experience.  



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