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How to Remove a Wasp Nest from Your Backyard?


Wasps are one of the deadliest insects in the world and are always ready to sting even when they are not provoked. Therefore, pest experts suggest the right methods are necessary to take down the Wasp nest.

You can’t burn it down. If you do, it will take over your house and probably sting the little ones present in the place. Hence, it is wise to address the pest authorities to take it down.

Here is some knowledge about Wasps before you take the nest down yourself.

About Wasps’ Nest

There can be almost 200,000 Wasps in a single Wasp nest, enough to keep a healthy room bedridden for weeks. Further, Wasps are street fighters, less sophisticated than bees.

Therefore, they will sting multiple teams like Mike Tyson, throwing punches at you if you get into a war with them. 

Other than that, Wasps’ nests are made of chewed wood and saliva, which makes a robust paper machine-like home for them to stay. Besides, their home is waterproof, which gives them enough protection to survive peacefully.

And they are known to build nests anywhere like them, which is troubling if you have kids at home. If you see the nest anywhere near your home, quickly try to remove it for your and your child’s safety.

Ways To Remove Wasp’s Nest

Removing a Wasp’s nest is not child’s play. You must take the right precautions to ensure you are safe with your family. Here is what you can do –

1.      Buy A Personal Protective Equipment

Before you become John Mclane from the Die Hard series, buying a piece of personal protective equipment to protect yourself from Wasps is important. 

Wasps are aggressive in nature, and they are known to attack relentlessly when their nests are removed. Therefore, it is significant to protect yourself from relentless Wasp attacks.

Thus, buying the best personal protective equipment that will limit the attack of Wasps on you is imperative. Further, ensure the suit has enough padding to ensure the stings don’t reach your skin.

2.      Recovery Plan

As you are not an expert, it is important to form a recovery plan, as once the attacks get out of hand, you must escape quickly. The behavior of Wasps is different from bees. Hence the experts always suggest formulating an escape plan and protecting yourself. 

Therefore, you can take training on the escape plan, which will help you to flee once the attack gets out of hand. Further, the training course will also teach the behaviors of Wasps and help to create and craft the right recovery plan.

Remember: Protection is important for you, especially since enough stings can let a surge of allergic reactions. 

3.      Use Darkness

Another important recommendation the experts gave is to use darkness to break down the Wasp’s nest.

One of the most prominent times for breaking the Wasp’s nest is nighttime, as they are less aggressive during that time. This can be crucial for removing the nest without hurting yourself.

Further, pest control suggests that you should not use light or torches, as they can backfire and create a good formation to attack you. Hence, be very cautious while dealing with the Wasp’s nest.

Note: Do not forget to wear your PPE kit while you go up to tear down the Wasp’s nest. Even though they are less aggressive, they can surely bite you multiple times. 

Things You Shouldn’t Do During Removal

Here is the list of things you should not do during the Wasp’s nest removal –

  • Never hit the nest wall, as they will likely attack you rapidly.
  • Don’t use fire to light the nest because they are potential chances of it going wrong.
  • Due to its shape, it is better not to use warm matter because the nest wall is waterproof.

Rest Fails, Hire A Pest Guy

In the end, it is better to hire a pest guy for wasp nest removal, as they are professionals and possess the right training to track down the nest. This way, you wouldn’t have to hurt yourself, and putting down the nest will be done.



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