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EVE Online Beginner’s Guide

Let’s go straight to the point and see what EVE Online gives. Remember to revisit the Beginner’s Guide if you don’t know what to do or how to improve your gameplay.

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Without further ado, let’s start with the Beginner’s Guide:

Complete the Tutorial

After you complete your account, you need to move through a tutorial that could take around an hour to complete.

The “Agents and Missions” Tab is Your Best Friend

In this part of EVE Online, you can “learn” different skills by clicking through the menu options. Focus on the “program” (which we’ll discuss next) you see more appealing and leave it there to complete.

Enforcer Tree

One of the ways to learn about his MMO is by playing the parts of the Enforcer tree. You’ll learn multiple types of gameplay elements of EVE Online. Among these features, you get to experience the combat system in action.

We recommend that you stick to this part and complete all the missions from Enforcer first. When you get used to maneuvers with your ship, you will soon learn how to attack your enemies.  

Explorer Program

After you master the ways of space travel, the next part is to discover the function of the  “mini” games in EVE Online. For example, you will understand how to explore, hack, and wormholes. In other words, you will check how to improve your actions as you move your ship between planets.

Many parts of the Explorer path will help you understand what you need to accomplish as you pile up the missions and become a better player.

Industrialist Knowledge

Inside this tree, you will learn the basics that could help you build an entire colony and conquer the universe. Through different menu options on EVE Online, you can see how the economy moves and check the ups and downs in making ships.

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Soldier of Fortune Leadership

Depending on your playstyle, this is the part that you could love/hate more while playing EVE Online. Inside the Soldier of Fortune program, you will learn the basics of Player versus Player (PvP) events. In other words, you will fight against other players to complete your missions.

As you’re fighting for victory, you could lose some of your ships and probably need to start again. Although this is a difficult “learning process,” you will soon know how to dominate the space and destroy the opposition.



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