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Enhancing Defensive Gameplay in EAFC 24 Game – What You Need to Know


In virtual soccer, mastering the art of defending is crucial for success on the pitch. FC 24 has introduced several new defensive elements that empower players to take more control of their defensive actions and promote user-initiated interactions. 

From advanced defending techniques to tactical defensive positioning, goalkeeper improvements, and customizable player switching. You can have the FC 24 coins from mmoexp to leverage the gaming fun. This blog will provide a comprehensive guide on enhancing your defensive gameplay in the game’s latest iteration.

Advanced Defending

Advanced Defending is among the most notable additions to EAFC 24. This feature offers players unprecedented control over their defensive actions by allowing them to choose the specific defensive maneuvers they want to execute. Here’s how it works:

  • Press X || A to request a Shoulder Challenge or Seal Out.
  • Press O || B is used to request a Stand Tackle.

This innovative system lets players decide which defensive action suits a given situation. Whether it’s a high-pressure situation or a strategic attempt to regain possession, advanced defending equips you with the tools you need to take control of your defense.

More Defensive Improvements

In addition to advanced defending, EAFC 24 has introduced many other defensive improvements, making the game more realistic and exciting. Here’s a closer look at some of these enhancements:

New Animations for Seal Outs and Shoulder Challenges

To make the game more dynamic and responsive, EAFC 24 has introduced new animations for Seal Outs and Shoulder Challenges, especially from the front. These animations increase the utility and effectiveness of these defensive mechanics and provide players with more options to thwart their opponents.

Animation Cleanup and Additions

Another significant improvement is the animation cleanup, which includes the addition of hundreds of new tackle animations. These animations cover various defensive actions, from backheel slides to stop-ball tackles and blocks. The enhanced coverage and efficacy will allow players to defend more effectively and rapidly respond to various in-game situations.

Defensive Positioning

Effective defensive positioning is crucial for maintaining control over the game. EAFC 24 has introduced several new features related to defensive positioning, including zonal defense and pressure tactics changes:

Zonal Defense

Zonal Defense is a strategic addition that comes into play when using a depth higher than 45. In such situations, your players will automatically attempt to mark opponents higher up the field and close to the ball possessor. This strategic choice can reduce potential passing lanes and pressure the attacking team. 

However, it also creates gaps the attacking team can exploit if they break through the initial press. Additionally, when the ball is close to the sideline, defenders will try to close down the ball carrier, reducing their options for passing and support. However, this can leave the far side of the pitch open to attacking opportunities.

Pressure Tactics Changes

EAFC 24 has implemented changes to pressure tactics, including Constant Pressure, Pressure After Possession Loss, and Pressure on Heavy Touch. Now, a player’s marking tightness will be more varied when using these tactics, meaning that not all players will be tightly marked. 

This change aims to prevent the game’s flow from ultimately shifting when a user switches to a pressure tactic. It encourages the attacking team to make smarter passing decisions to break the pressure, thus maintaining the game’s balance and competitiveness.


Goalkeepers play a pivotal role in any soccer match, and EAFC 24 has introduced significant changes to goalkeeper mechanics to enhance the overall gaming experience:

New Push Deflects

When goalkeepers cannot catch the ball, they attempt to push the shot deflection into safer areas or out of play. This change introduces a more realistic element to goalkeeper saves and adds a layer of strategy for attacking and defending players.

Tip Overs

The game now features improved detection of lobbed trajectory shots, allowing goalkeepers to use Tip Over saves more effectively. This results in a more realistic representation of goalkeeper reactions and a better gaming experience.

Animation Refresh

EAFC 24 has introduced new and refreshed animations for goalkeeper actions, including Saves with Feet, Diving Saves, Deflects, and Reflex Saves. These animations make the goalkeepers more dynamic and responsive, adding to the overall realism of the game.

Player Switching

Player Switching is a crucial aspect of defensive gameplay, and EAFC 24 allows players to customize their player-switching preferences. Here’s what you need to know:

Right Stick Switching Sensitivity

The game now allows you to adjust the sensitivity of Right Stick Switching according to your preferences. This customization feature offers control over what is more important when performing a Right Stick Switch: the player’s distance or the angle inputted. 

Higher sensitivity levels make the game respect your Right Stick input more when selecting the next player. In comparison, lower sensitivity levels prioritize establishing a player in closer proximity, even if your Right Stick Input is not directly pointed at them.

Next Player Switching Preference

You can now choose your Next Player Switching Preference according to your gameplay style:

Nearest to Ball: This preference prioritizes players closer to the ball, even if they are slightly behind the current dribbler.

Goal Side: This preference prioritizes players on the goal side of the ball, even if they are further away from the current dribbler.

Classic: This option combines multiple factors and serves as the previous default setting for player switching.

Sum Up

EAFC 24 has introduced several groundbreaking features to enhance the defensive aspect of the game. From advanced defending techniques to defensive positioning, goalkeeper improvements, and player-switching customization, players now have more control over their defensive strategies and can tailor their gameplay to their liking. 

By mastering these new features and adapting them to your style of play, you can take your defensive skills to the next level and become a formidable force on the virtual soccer pitch. Moreover, you can buy Fut 24 coins from mmoexp.com to make more from this game. For more information visit *Techbattel.com*



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