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Drupal vs WooCommerce: What’s Better For You to Get A Powerful eCommerce Website?

Are you planning on starting your eCommerce store anytime soon? But are you confused about what platform would do enough justice to your business? 

Well, two of the most popular platforms have helped budding eCommerce entrepreneurs with the best features and functionalities to run their businesses. They are WooCommerce and Drupal. 

WooCommerce and Drupal web development services are commonly preferred among new online store owners, as they have a high user satisfaction quotient. But what is the differentiating factor for you to go with one of these two marvel options? 

In general, it is your business requirements that should align with what the eCommerce platform has to offer you. But, to help determine the same, you must be aware of the potential differences that these platforms project. 

So, this article is all about explaining the differences between Drupal and WooCommerce, which will help you pick the best option per your preferences. 

What Do You Know About Drupal and WooCommerce?

Before heading out to the differences, let’s understand the definition of WooCommerce and Drupal. It would help you analyse their functionalities better. 

Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce, launched in 2011, is a simple yet understandable open-source framework for building flexible eCommerce sites or applications. As of 2023, more than 495,000 websites use Drupal, and 43,247 websites use Drupal Commerce. 

This eCommerce framework allows you to build sites and sell almost any product worldwide. It is a well-organized platform which allows you to implement all the development standards and use features of both Drupal 7 & 8 versions, alongside the major modules such as Entity API, Rules, Views and others, for added flexibility. 

Some of the features that you would get upon acquiring a Drupal Commerce store are:

  • The Drupal Commerce platform will be mobile-ready for you to acquire a larger audience. 
  • The platform supports dynamic product creation and set up of customer display attributes, inventory listing and themes. 
  • Supports social media integrations at checkouts to support social sharing of customer purchases. 
  • Proper catalogue management for showcasing product offerings. 


WooCommerce is one of the biggest names in the eCommerce world, and it is being used in more than 6.3 million live websites. It is open-source software for all WordPress website owners who intend to start eCommerce shops. With the WooCommerce plugin, anyone can turn their regular website into a feature-rich store. 

If you want WooCommerce development solutions for your online store, you should have a WordPress website. It is because WordPress is the main CMS platform on which WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin to invoke the required features for you to run your store. 

Some of the features that WooCommerce has for online store owners include:

  • You will get to add unlimited variations of a product and inventory.
  • With WooCommerce, it is easy for you to adopt inventory management, such as checking the stock levels, tracking past orders and others. 
  • Allows the customers to sign-up to the platform or just shop as a guest.
  • Supports integration of Google Analytics for promoting SEO features to enhance the marketing potential of your online store. 

What are the Differences Between Drupal Commerce and WooCommerce that Matters?

Here are some differences between Drupal Commerce and WooCommerce, based on various comparison characteristics. Based on these aspects, you will be able to decide better whether you should go with WooCommerce or Drupal web development services for starting your eCommerce store:

1. Installation Feasibility

WooCommerce is a popular WordPress plugin, and many people already use this popular CMS for building their portfolios, blogs or service websites. In such cases, transitioning from a usual website to an eCommerce store would require the owners to install a plugin. 

If you don’t have a WordPress site, you will have to create one or take the help of a hosting platform to get one-click installation benefits. With WooCommerce, it is easy to get started as there’s an installation wizard which does the most work. Building an online store using WooCommerce will be finished within a few minutes.

On the other hand, Drupal Commerce setup requires you to install Drupal CMS specifically. It uses a configuration which enables or configures the website completely on its own. You can take the help of professionals to help you with one-click solutions to save effort and time. 

2. SEO Friendliness

WooCommerce platform enables you to add SEO extensions and plugins to the eCommerce store. With this, you can experience an enhancement of the platform’s control and functionality. You will be able to change things such as descriptions. URLs, meta tags and others for optimising the sites. Plugins like Yoast can help you with it. 

On the other hand, Drupal Commerce also provides SEO support through active modules. You can avail of multiple options to integrate Google Analytics, URL management, meta tag systems, site map creation, robots.txt creation and others. 

3. Customization Capabilities

WooCommerce is customisable in terms of functionality and appearance, as it has a lot of extensions and plugins. If there’s any functionality that you intend to add to your website, WooCommerce has customisable features for you to make it happen through simple installation. 

This makes WooCommerce development perfect for beginners who want to experiment with their eCommerce sites. Even beyond that, established business owners can hire professional web designers to increase their scope of customisation. 

On the other hand, Drupal Commerce enables you to use its module system, which works similarly to that of the plugins of WooCommerce. 

Bottom Line

Picking the perfect platform for your eCommerce site can be a bit complex. But, both Drupal Commerce and WooCommerce have their share of positives and negatives. WooCommerce might be perfect for small or medium-sized online stores with just a few thousand goods to sell. But Drupal Commerce is a full-fledged platform that can handle stores with over a hundred thousand products. 

Therefore, depending on the type of store you are looking for, choose WooCommerce or Drupal web development services accordingly. Let professionals guide you on which platform would best suit your business idea. For more information’s visit https://techbattel.com/.



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