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A Comprehensive Analysis of Biometric Face Recognition Services

Privacy is the clients’ core value; therefore, the companies must keep the customers’ credentials secure. For companies that integrate the face recognition service, their client retention rate is enhanced because these scanners allow only authentic people to affiliate with the company and augment the organization’s surveillance. Cyber crimes are growing daily, and many individuals are affected by them. In 2022, Japan lost more than 1.5 billion Japanese yen due to digital fraud. Regulatory authorities have made it crucial for organizations to integrate these solutions, as it will help mitigate fraudulent activities.

What is a Facial Recognition Solution?

The Biometric system uses voice, facial features, iris, and retina to verify the client’s identity; all data breaches, money laundering, and spoofing are restrained.

What are the Approaches Involved in the Face Recognition Process?

Here are some of the most common techniques involved in face recognition deep learning:

  1. Facial Movement Test

The movement of the head and blinking of the eye of the user are detected to ensure that the client is live.

  1. Thermal Imaging

The thermal camera is used, which detects the heat emitting from the face; this step is done to assure that the user is genuine.

  1. Pulse Detection

Face recognition services detect the user’s liveness by measuring their pulse rate. Their heartbeat is seen to check the authenticity of the user; if scammers are using robots to bypass the account, it will be immediately detected by the AI face recognition online.

  1. Voice Recognition

The client’s vocal cords are used to verify and match it with the previously recorded voice. This authentication has an issue; if a person suffers from a sore throat, his confirmation will not function well.

  1. Iris Detection

Scammers sometimes present a 3D mask made of silicon to the user, and they try to dodge the scanner. Face recognition service can be used to detect such scams, as a scanner will catch the eye’s movement and check the liveness of the customer.

  1. 3D Mapping

3D mapping involves deeply analyzing the client’s features and checking their authenticity. The depth and contours of the customer are correctly checked to ensure that no fake 3D masking is done. Facial comparison can control spoofing, data branches, and money laundering.

How Face Recognition Solution Can Be Used to Enhance the KYC?

  • Identity Verification

The client’s identity is verified adequately by their documents; users are asked to upload scanned copies of their legal papers. These documents include identity cards, driver’s licenses, utility bills, and bank statements. Required information is extracted with the help of optical character recognition and matched with the previously stored template.

  • Real-Time Verification

Advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning ensure the customer is accurate; if any suspicious activity is detected, it is immediately informed to the respective authorities.

  • Enhanced Client Experience

Companies onboard new customers and perform their registration through face recognition services. There is no need to perform lengthy client verifications; the entire task is done digitally. Only verified clients will become part of the company; a red flag is shown when an unauthorized person tries to enter a particular territory.

  • Compliance with the KYC

Companies that do not comply with the KYC face heavy fines; therefore, companies can save their miscellaneous expenses by face recognition services. In this way, organizations also maintain updated records of the users so that they can get better in touch with them.

  • Improved Brand Image

The company can improve its image by providing a smooth client experience; satisfaction of clients is essential for the businesses. As it helps better understand of the user’s demands, the company can give better services and products to their customers.

  • Swift Speed

These verifications are very swift, and the entire task is done in seconds; the client must face the scanner. Conventional ways of authentication were time-consuming; they sometimes even take more than weeks because the operator has to perform the entire task. From data collection, gathering, and even verification, the whole process was done by manuals, which were prone to error. Face recognition services are error-free; therefore, companies can rely entirely on them.


Every industry is getting the benefits of face recognition services; these solutions are improving daily, and new features are being added. Regulatory authorities have made it essential for companies to integrate these solutions into the operations of the company, as it will save them from penalties. Brand image is improved, and companies can retain their clients for a more extended time. Businesses can enhance their security and preserve the personal data of their clients. These solutions promise smooth client experience and facilitate them to their maximum; satisfied clients recommend the company to their friends and family.

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