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8 Best Apple Arcade Games for Kids

Apple has blessed us with Apple Arcade, an incredible gaming subscription service. It gives subscribers unlimited access to games on a monthly basis. However, the games can only be played on Apple devices such as iPhones, iPad, Macs, and others.

It has been a huge hit since its launch, as it has something for everyone. Players are offered a plethora of interesting games that they can play and keep themselves entertained with. There is a huge variety of options for your kids too. The fun part is that most of the classic games you played have been revamped, so our kids enjoy playing them too. Instead of making them watch movies consider giving them access to Apple Arcade games.

If you are looking for the best Apple Arcade games for your kids, then read this blog.

Pinball Wizard

We have all grown up playing this game! But for our kids, the developers have revamped it, and now it has a backstory too. This game features a character that is on a journey to his homeland. The goal of the game is to ensure that the character survives and reaches the tower. During his journey, he has to defeat his enemies and collect rewards and keys so he can move to the next level.

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Sonic Racing

It is another famous video game that has been included in several types of gaming consoles. This new version is more fun because Sonic the Hedgehog has his own racing game. In this game, there are several racing tracks with fifteen different variations. Every character can even make their team and enjoy playing with multiple players. Your child will enjoy playing this one and will stay energized.


This is a game where your child can relax, and you do not have to stress out about the plot. The concept of this game is to help your child focus on the present moment. It lets children explore the ever-changing world which is filled with flocking creatures. The player has to swim around in an endless space interacting with swarms. It helps calm your kid’s mind, so try this one.

The Enchanted World

The game’s plot revolves around a magical world that destroys dark forces. The player must navigate the mazes to unlock more levels and designs. Its video effects and cool music makes this game interesting for your child.

Dodo Peak

Dodo Peak is quite famous among children. The first-player game takes you on a bird’s mission to save her eggs. Your child is likely to get immersed in the game as the mission of the bird is to collect coins. But, the Dodo bird has to be careful and avoid threats on the way to its nest.

Way of the Turtle

It is an easy game specially made for children four years and above. It is an adventure game in which your child has to play the character of Mr. Turtle. In this game, your character has to navigate his way through the beach, which is full of obstacles. Your child collects coins and powerups during your way.

Sneaky Sasquatch

It is a mysterious game that involves a character who has to sneak into campsites and fill his backpack. As the name says, the player has to be sneaky to avoid getting caught by other characters in the game. The controls are quite simple; children need to swipe the screen when other characters are looking away.

Rayman Mini

Rayman Mini is another fun game that is similar to Sonic. In this game, there is no time restriction, and it includes a lot of jumping, sliding, and other activities. The focus of the game is to make high scores and continue to break them by putting in more effort. While jumping or running, the player has to avoid obstacles and collect coins and power-ups. The powerups help unlock the levels smoothly and continue to break records. 

All in All

If you are already using Apple devices and looking for a way to keep your kid entertained, then subscribe to Apple Arcade. Many interesting games are easy to set up, and it does not take long to get used to them. We have compiled a list of the best ones your child can start with.



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