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5 Ways to Find a New Furniture Supplier as a Business

Launching your own company is an exhilarating and frightening experience. You’ve already put in a lot of effort and made decisions about the form your business should take if this is the direction you see your path taking you. Is it a conventional storefront made of bricks and mortar? Or are you launching a store focused solely on online sales and riding the digital wave? Maybe a mix of the two? If you choose to operate a physical storefront, youโ€™ll need furniture to welcome all stakeholders to the building. But how do you choose a new supplier? 


A business is a business after all. This means you need to think about the turnover of the supplier and whether theyโ€™re likely to remain in business for many years to come. The costs of their products and MAP pricing policies should be carefully considered when selecting a supplier since these factors can significantly impact your ability to purchase great products and enjoy aftercare services. Regional taxes, service charges, freight, and other factors can also impact your decision. 


Places have significance! Your supplier’s location could be across the nation or on the other side of the border, impacting everything from shipping schedules and policies to your cost of goods. Selecting an Australian provider local to your area will allow you to visit their showrooms and take a closer look at their products if you are the hands-on person who purchases products. 

Alternatively, seek out vendors who exhibit at trade events so that you can visit several businesses simultaneously, even if you have to travel there. If youโ€™re not too worried about testing the furniture in person, make sure you at least look at online reviews and gather opinions from others. 

Customer Support and Warranties Beyond the Sale

What leaves a lasting impression on dealers and end users alike is customer service. It will entice you to stick with the same vendors even when they don’t have the best deals. You should find out about the supplier’s after-sale warranties. Do they directly handle service requests such as replacing damaged parts, or will you need to contact a third-party company for this? These inquiries are legitimate and pertain to services; they will be crucial in your supplier selection process.


You want to choose from a wide selection of furniture, right? You donโ€™t just want to choose between two or three options because you might not get what you want. This is why selecting the appropriate supplier involves a lot of inventory.

To explore a wide range of furniture options and find a new supplier, visit shop.ashleyfurniture.com.au for a seamless online shopping experience offering quality and stylish pieces.


Product reviews are an excellent tool for marketing and promotions in the internet-driven industry of today. Does your supplier’s website provide a database of product reviews? Are you encouraged to share reviews on your website with them? Additionally, you can search for reviews on review-focused websites like Google and Yelp. If you see any negative reviews (no company is perfect), look at how the company dealt with these reviews. 

Final Thoughts:

Numerous things are there to consider! However, use this list as a convenient reminder of some critical points while looking for a new Australian furniture provider.

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