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What Is an Active Adult Community?

An active adult community is a great place to live when adequately managed. If you or a loved one is considering relocating to such a community, there are some things to consider before doing so. Here is what you should know about active adult communities and the HOA management companies that may run them: 

What Is an Active Adult? 

An active adult is a middle-aged person or 55 years or older. These communities use the term active adult instead of a person around that age who wants to live independently with people who are similar to them. 

Who Can Join This Community? 

Each active adult community may have different rules and regulations on who can and cannot live within it. Here are some of the standard regulations these communities may have: 


One regulation these communities may have is an age restriction. The age can vary from community to community. For a community to be considered an active adult community, around 80% of its residents should be over 55


Active adult communities can also be age-targeted. Target ages can be around 55 or older. Amenities or classes the community might offer may be targeted to such adults but are not limited to it. 

Independent Adults

Generally, these communities do not have care facilities on-site. Individuals who need daily care should opt for another type of community that can better fit their needs. Adults who are active but want to live with other active adults like themselves should consider these communities.

Each community will have its own rules and regulations. These rules may or may not apply to you. To learn more, find a community you may be interested in near you. 

Why Choose Active Adult Communities? 

There are many reasons to choose an active adult community as your home. Here are some of the benefits you may experience if choosing an active adult community: 


In these communities, residents are mostly in the same stage of life. They have worked hard for many years, raised a family, and are looking to enjoy their years. It is easy to find people with whom you may share a lot in common. While most communities welcome children and grandchildren to visit their residents, the age requirement usually means these areas are quiet places to live. Younger visitors are encouraged to be courteous and considerate.


Many active adult communities have several convenient amenities. These amenities may include pools, fitness centers, walking trails, and more. Active adults can benefit from having these amenities near so they can use them more often. 


These communities should have less maintenance required. Some HOA management companies can hire different agencies to maintain the property. These management companies will hire people to maintain lawns and other areas. Active adults can relax without worrying about the upkeep of the exterior of their homes. These communities allow you to be with peers while maintaining your lifestyle. 

How To Choose An Active Adult Community 

There are many different active adult communities to choose from. Here are a few items to consider when choosing an active adult community: 

HOA Management Companies 

When choosing a community to reside in, you may want to consider one that has hired an HOA management company. These companies are hired to manage the HOA in your community. These management companies can assist in guiding community and board members. They can help with managing tasks such as common-area maintenance, safety considerations, providing resources, and more. HOA management companies  offer guidance and assistance in many areas. Consider an active adult community that has chosen to hire an HOA management company. 


Consider your lifestyle when choosing a community. Find a community with the activities you want or want to join in on. Choose a community that has the correct type of floor plans. You may want to consider your transportation needs when choosing a community to make sure you can get to where you need to. An active adult community should assist you in elevating your lifestyle rather than changing it. 

There are many things to consider when choosing a community. You may want to consider the community’s rules, your budget, the area in which the community resides, and other factors. 

HOA Management Companies and Active Adult Communities 

An active adult community should provide you with all of the amenities you may want. A quality, active adult community should hire an HOA management company. These companies offer extensive support to these communities. By having more help, your active adult community can thrive. Search for HOA management companies today to learn more about these companies and how they can create a better community. 



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