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Optimising PWA Performance Best Practices for PWA App Builders

According to Fast Company, a PWA (progressive web app) is currently one of the hottest tech trends. But to get involved in this rapidly growing technology, you’ll need to know how to build something that can compete with the best.

That means a high-performance, well-optimised PWA. This guide will introduce several best practices you should follow during your app development process. Read on to learn more.

PWA Performance: Fast-Loading Pages

Speed matters to users; customers expect fast websites and apps because that’s what they are used to nowadays. And they are more likely to stick around on your app if that same promptness.

Make it a priority to develop quick-loading pages for your web applications. With PWAs, you’ll need to create an efficient design that doesn’t contain any bottlenecks during the loading process.

That means optimising things like your content, images and video. Always test your speed to ensure it’s consistent throughout your app.

Seamless Offline Content

It might feel like we are always online, but there are many instances where we lack an internet connection. That’s why many apps have offline capabilities.

PWAs have a significant advantage here as they make it easy to access your content offline.

When building your PWA app, you’ll need to consider optimising this so that users have a seamless experience when switching between online and offline connections.

Using PWA app builders will help you do that, as they come with pre-built templates to help you optimise this.

User-Centric Web Design

When it comes to optimising your PWA app, it’s not all about the technical aspects. You also need to consider whether the design is appealing and user-friendly.

A simple design often works best, as it will feel intuitive to users. You’re less likely to lose customers because of confusing or complex layouts or navigation.

So, when designing your app, strip away anything that doesn’t serve a core purpose. Walk through the app as a user and note anything that slows you or makes you think twice about what you need to do.

Keep Your Content Up-to-Date

Fresh content is essential for users. When optimising your PWA, build an app that quickly updates your content via a content management system.

You also want content pages that will refresh automatically without manual input from your users, so build this into your app. It will enhance the user experience and give visitors a reason to return.

Get Feedback from Users

To fully optimise your app, you must keep it aligned with what users expect. So, make it part of your best practices to get feedback through surveys and online reviews.

Take the time to read what users have to set and use that to create a roadmap for your app. It will help you prioritise and may give you ideas you haven’t considered.

Optimising Your PWA: Following Best Practices

Building a PWA might be an exciting prospect. But you must plan and optimise your creation to stand the best chance of getting noticed.

Use the best practices covered in this guide to create a web app checklist that will help you do that.

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