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Monetization Strategies for Dating Apps

Dating apps are a goldmine of monetary potential. They’re on-trend, widely used, user-friendly, and intelligent enough. Still, more importantly, they address one of humanity’s most fundamental needs: the search for companionship in a dating app development company. A recent pandemic may have reduced people’s opportunities to meet people in person, which may explain the rise in the popularity of dating apps and websites.

How much do dating apps and websites typically make? Let’s look at the revenue statistics of online dating apps, discuss the business models used by the most successful dating solutions, and move forward with selecting the optimal monetization approach for your online dating venture.

Dating Apps Monetization Strategies to Choose From

If they’re free, how do dating sites make money? We’ve already covered the basics of creating a dating site, and there’s no such thing as a free lunch, especially not in the lucrative field of romantic connections. Dating sites that appear free or are only partially free are still likely to generate revenue in one of the following ways.

  • Advertising

This business model is the most straightforward and user-friendly option, eliminating any financial barrier to joining a dating website. Users must instead sit through intrusive, no-skippable advertisements. Although this business model is straightforward, it requires caution due to the possibility of irrelevant advertising to the user.

It’s only sometimes the best option if your intended audience has sufficient financial means and would rather pay for their time saved. Startups in online dating often employ this strategy in the early stages of a project’s development to entice users, demonstrate the app’s usefulness, and provide ad-blocking options.

Next, established endeavours typically adopt cutting-edge enterprise models.

  • Subscription

Subscription fees are among the most popular ways online dating services generate revenue. Older users can use the app for free with ads, while more experienced users can pay to remove them.

It works with the old version, though. This lets you tailor subscription packages to your audience’s needs at a fair price. Before choosing whether or not to subscribe, users can typically test out the software for free to ensure it meets their needs. 

  • Freemium

This dating app revenue model proposes charging for premium access and more sophisticated features while offering a basic set of features for free. The subscription model is very similar to this method of monetization.

Freemium differs from the subscription business model in that users can access the app at no cost for as long as needed rather than just during the trial period.

  • Banking on Credit

Users must spend real money to access premium features if an app uses a credit system. The “mail order brides” industry typically operates in this manner. 

The practice of finding a spouse through the mail predates modern online dating. Some sites catered specifically to men and charged them a fee to correspond with the women they fancied.

Some traditional online dating sites still use this method, especially those that emphasize finding a lifelong spouse from another country.

  • The use of in-app purchases

The name itself describes this type of business strategy. This strategy requires users to pay for content that has real value within the app, such as virtual flowers or teddy bears. Combining this strategy with the preceding one is the norm.

  • Mixed model

As the name suggests, a mixed business model integrates elements from multiple revenue streams into a unified plan. You can combine subscriptions with ad blocking, integrate credit systems with in-app purchases, or create a unique monetization plan for each subset of users.

Regarding the latter, it’s not uncommon for men to be charged while women enjoy free access. In most cases, a mixed business model is the most lucrative option for online dating sites.

How to Find the Best Revenue Model for Your Dating App

The primary motivation behind developing dating sites is financial, not assisting people with their current relationship problems.

It’s important to profit and keep bringing in new users, so your monetization strategy should reflect that.

Here’s how to settle on the best strategy for your undertaking. 

  • Start with zero-cost advertising. 

How much do online dating services earn annually? Since most startups launch with free promotion of their apps using the advertising model, the issue is that they need to make something or almost nothing for the first time.

Consider the specifics of your intended readers before making a final call. An app that helps people find marriage partners with high education and stable income has always been for-profit because its target audience is serious about its intentions, wants to solve its pain point as soon as possible, and is willing to pay for it. 

  • Focus on audience, goals, and solvency. 

As a natural continuation of the preceding point, you should ensure that the business model you intend to implement is a good fit for the expectations of your target audience.

While paid membership sites are the gold standard of online dating, freemium models have proven successful in some niches. Get user feedback on a few different options before settling on a solution. 

  • Transition gradually to a mixed model. 

It is making money off of a dating site’s dedicated following. It’s time to switch to a more diverse business strategy that better meets the company’s and its customers’ needs. 

  • Follow up with users and take their feedback. 

With the objective mentioned above in mind, it’s important to conduct user surveys to learn about the features your audience is willing to pay for and how they feel about them. This strategy always stays in style because it is functional from a technical and business standpoint.

  • Think about business consulting, analysis, and development.

One final piece of advice for deciding how to make money off a company website is to talk to seasoned startup consultants about their business analysis offerings. They will assist you in determining your target market and user base, creating a workable business strategy, and settling on an appropriate business model. 


Introducing a dating app or website for smartphones is a smart move. It’s encouraging for the market for these apps that more and more people are willing to try them. A technically robust solution is still the top priority, even though online dating software is very common.

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