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How to get new TN Tenders updates for your business?

If you want to participate in government tenders, you must first know where to find tntenders. Finding appropriate tenders that can meet your company’s needs can help your business to improve its reputation. It is important to find the most recent tntenders updates so that you have enough time to review the tender specifics and submit the tender application without errors.

How can I find the most recent tenders online?

There are two ways to find a government tender online:

  • Tender portals for the government or eprocure mes 
  • Private tender websites
  • Tender portals for the government

Tenders such as for MES are first published on government tender platforms like eprocure mes. In India, there are two government tender portals:

Government eMarketplace (GeM): GeM was established as an online procurement site for common goods and services required by numerous government departments/organizations/public sector units. To apply for tenders on GeM, you must first register and list your products in certain product categories. Once you’ve created a username and password, follow the steps below to search for tenders on the GeM portal.

  • Log in to the GeM portal.
  • Click on the ‘Bids’ link on the homepage’s right side.
  • Choose ‘List of bids’ from the dropdown menu.

A list of tender invitations where you can apply will be shown based on the product categories you selected. Login onto GeM and view eprocure mes tender updates to keep yourself up to date on the most recent active tenders. Before applying for tenders, it is recommended that you understand the GeM site fees and charges.

Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP): The Central Public Procurement Portal, or CPPP, is the primary tender platform by the government to improve public procurement by government agencies and public sector organisations. This is how you use the public procurement portal to find tenders:

  • Go to the CPPP portal (https://eprocure.gov.in/).
  • On the homepage, select the search option.
  • Fill in the filters that appear (you do not need to fill in all of the filters; inputting a few relevant filters will get appropriate results).
  • Hit the search button.

A list of tenders will be displayed based on the filters you have applied to your search. The following filters appear during the search:

  • Type of tender (e.g., open tenders, closed tenders)
  • Tender ID Tender reference number Tender category Product category Organization Department Division Sub-division
  • Contract 
  • Pin Code 
  • Value Criteria
  • Date requirements

If you have already been notified of a eprocure mes and know the details of the tender, you can input the Tender ID, Tender reference number, and Work/Item title.

Another alternative for finding tenders on CPPP is to go down the homepage and select the eProcure option under the label eProcure/ePublish. This will take you to a page where you may search for tenders by organisation, category, and location (for example, search by organisation – eprocure mes, tntenders and more).

Private tender websites: In India, there is a number of private tender portals that maintain track of all government tenders that are published on a daily basis. They also collect tenders for their subscribers from private companies, including large corporations. Private tender portals such as Bidassist provide a range of services and make tntenders searching simple by sending tender updates directly to your mailbox.

When it comes to finding tenders, private portals are easier and more convenient because these platforms deliver tender notifications that can be accessed from various devices (i.e., phones, laptops, desktops etc.). You can also acquire tender data and instructions on how to participate in the bid with a single click. To find tenders on government portals such as eprocure mes, you would have to log in every day and manually search for tenders.

How do I obtain government tender information?

Tender information is simple to get once you know where to go. Once you’ve located a tender on the GeM site, click the participate icon next to it. You will be directed to the tender notice and bid papers. When you click on a tender announcement on the CPP portal, you will be directed to the tender notice and any attachments. These bid materials include bidder instructions, eligibility requirements, submission forms, and a list of required documents. It should be thoroughly reviewed before submitting it for tenders.

Factors to consider while applying for government contracts

To win a government tender offer, you must prepare an accurate tender proposal that outperforms your competitors’ tender bids. You have the option of analysing the tender bidding process and applying for the tender yourself, or you can engage bid writers who are experienced at preparing bid proposals. It would also be beneficial to understand how tenders are given and awarded in order to properly prepare your tender application.

Before applying for government eTenders, keep the following points in mind:

  • Maintain a list of active tenders published on government tender platforms.
  • Download all bid paperwork and thoroughly read all requirements.
  • When quoting a price for eTenders, conduct a thorough cost study of the project and estimate what your competitors may quote.

To simplify the tender application process of MES tenders, one can easily login into Bidassist and download the tenders details and all the relevant documents required. Instead of visiting the eprocurement website of MES (Military Engineer Services), you can search on Bidassist by simply typing eprocure mes on the search bar. 



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