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How to Choose a Desk Booking System

If you’re in the market for a desk booking system, there are several options to choose from. These include Team, FlexCube, and StaffMap. These programs allow you to manage employee requests, send notifications, and search for desks and rooms in proximity to each other. They also allow you to set your preferences regarding size, capacity, and length of stay.


The DeskFlex desk booking system is a great way to save money on your office space. The system allows you to view available desks and cubicles and book them with the click of a button. You can even use your mobile device to check in and out of a desk! To use the system, download the DeskFlex app and sign in with your work credentials.

One of the best features of this system is the ability to check in and out of your workspace. The device displays four different colors – green for available workspace, red for reserved workspace, and optional blue for permanent workspaces. A yellow status means that the space will be available in 30 minutes. The DeskFlex device also offers a convenient and secure checkout process, making it easy to check in and out of your workspace.

A DeskFlex desk booking system can help you organize your remote workspaces and make management easier. It can also help you understand which office spaces are underutilized, which can help you plan workspace remodels and design new spaces.


With the StaffMap desk booking system, staff members and visitors can easily and quickly book a desk. The software supports all types of mobile devices, making it easy to make changes to bookings. The software is also accessible from desktop and mobile devices, meaning no one will have to leave their desk to make a booking. The application can help reduce facility costs and prevent double bookings by optimising workspace use.

The latest version of StaffMap 4 comes with many new features, including an REST API and SQL Server Database integrations. With the latest release, you can easily manage employees’ locations and schedules from any computer, tablet, or mobile phone. StaffMap 4 also works with Active Directory, allowing you to import and sync your staff information.

StaffMap also allows you to add desks to your floor plan and view the availability of shared desks. You can book desks for a particular day, or even reserve a desk for a specified time. It can also accommodate shared desks and also allows you to customize your floor plan to include all employees.


The Teem desk booking system helps employees optimize their workdays by enabling them to find available desks and rooms. Employees can search by amenities, proximity, and duration of stay to find the perfect desk and room. The system is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with employee calendar apps. As an added bonus, it allows employees to check availability and book spaces for meetings.

With this system, employees can check if a desk is free or booked, and make reservations online. They can also view available desks and rooms using the Teem Web. They can reserve a desk or a room to suit their specific needs, and Teem provides real-time updates on available space.

Teem also allows users to make simultaneous reservations. If someone else books the same space, they will lose their spot. Administrators can override reservations from the admin portal, or they can send an email to the user.


The Ronspot desk booking system is an intuitive mobile app that enables employees to book a desk in advance. It integrates with Outlook calendars and allows administrators to manage the hybrid working workforce from one central admin panel. It also allows companies to create rules regarding bookings, including social distancing, capacity limitations, and cleaning reports. This helps to ensure fair allocation of desks and employee safety onsite.

Users can see who is coming in each day and the availability of each desk, as well as seating locations. This is especially helpful for teamwork and collaborative work. The app also incorporates an interactive map, making it easy to view available desks in any location. A user can then select a desk in the office that fits their needs.

The Ronspot desk booking system is designed to help companies manage car parking, desks, and meeting rooms efficiently. The app is cloud-hosted and has an ISO27001 certification. The company is committed to making desk and meeting room booking systems as seamless as possible for staff.



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