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How Distractions Can Enhance Creativity

When people talk about creativity, theyโ€™re generally referring to the work of artists, writers, musicians, and designers. But by no means is creativity limited to those roles.

Creativity can reveal itself in many different forms, from coming up with new ways to perform medical procedures to devising smart software solutions or inventing products that people didnโ€™t even realize they needed.

And while it may seem like focusing intently on your work is the best way to have a breakthrough thought, itโ€™s actually distractions that help to increase creativity levels.

Curious why?

Keep reading to learn the different ways that distractions can enhance creativity.

There is a Scientific Link Between Distraction and Creativity

Research indicates that creative people are also more easily distracted, and thereโ€™s a reason why:

Many people have the ability to block out what they deem as irrelevant and unimportant information. They simply ignore it and move ahead with the task at hand. Creative types find it more difficult to do so, so they allow more information in.

As it turns out, letting unwanted, seemingly irrelevant info in isnโ€™t necessarily a bad thing. It just means that you absorb more info and have more to process.

And the more information you absorb, the more likely you are to come up with creative expressions and solutions.

Distractions Cause You to Lose Focus

Distractions cause you to lose focus on what youโ€™re doing, and that can be problematic. But when youโ€™re trying to produce a creative piece of work or think outside the box, it can be beneficial.

Focusing intently on one thing and blocking out distractions might seem like a way to increase productivity. But do it for too long and your mind can get stuck on the singular issue or the singular perspective youโ€™re approaching the issue from. Letting distractions in can actually help your mind unfocus and get out of that rut.

This is when creative ideas come to life.

Opening the mind up to distractions allows new ideas to creep in. This creates curiosity and increases your ability to come up with new thoughts, new approaches, and new solutions.

Try Not to Get Distracted Too Much

Thereโ€™s a difference between allowing distractions to enter your brain and always giving in to them to the point that you canโ€™t meet your goals. No matter what the goal is, frequent interruptions in thought do eat away at time.

Concerned that youโ€™re distracted too frequently or too easily, even when you need to think in a creative way?

There are some things you can do to help you focus more.

Think about what it is that distracts you, and then take measures to reduce those interruptions. For example:

Turn off notifications from social media apps, emails, and text messages

Wear noise-canceling headphones to block out background noise

Reply to emails at set times each day

While distractions may help spar creativity, they arenโ€™t great for productivity. Even for creatives that work as writers, artists, or musicians, productivity remains an important factor in getting the job done.

Are All Distractions Good?

Not all types of distractions lead to creative thinking. Taking your eye off the task at hand to post on social media, watch TikTok videos, or binge a TV show wonโ€™t likely be of much help.

Other distractions, such as daydreaming, listening to the sound of the wind howling, or playing with your dog for a few moments, are much more beneficial. Taking your mind off the task at hand, even if for just a few moments, can spark creative thinking and lead to more creative outcomes and solutions. 

Some people believe that they can spark creativity by using certain substances, such as cannabis. But it might be the distraction that cannabis provides thatโ€™s the real reason it leads to creative thoughts.  

Though the THC in cannabis can alter your perception of your surroundings, there is no evidence that it inspires creativity. However, THC use can make it more difficult to focus, which can then lead to creative thoughts. Of course, thatโ€™s just one of the many effects of cannabis use. Learn more about the other effects of THC in this HIBEGONE post. 

In Conclusion

Interruptions in your day arenโ€™t always a bad thing. Yes, they take up time and eat away at productivity levels. But if youโ€™re tasked with producing creative work or finding a creative solution to a problem, they can be helpful.

Easily distracted people are some of the most creative and the most innovative, but itโ€™s important to know how to shut off distractions when theyโ€™re taking up too much of your time. Ideally, youโ€™ll be able to find the balance between making use of distractions when you need them and tuning them out when you donโ€™t.ย For more information visit Techbattel.com

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