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FIBC Bags and FIBC Liners for your storage andย  Transport Solution

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC), also known as FIBC bags, are revolutionizing the way industries store and transport their products. These large, durable sacks have gained global popularity due to their numerous advantages over traditional packaging solutions like wooden pallets, plastic containers, or metal bins.

What Is an FIBC Bag?

At the heart of FIBC bags lies their versatility. These industrial containers are crafted from flexible fabric, primarily woven polypropylene, designed to store and transport various dry, flowable products such as sand, fertilizer, and plastic granules. Let’s delve deeper into the world of FIBC bags and explore how they are transforming industries.

Benefits of FIBC Bags

1. Worker Safety

In industries where workers often handle heavy and bulk materials, protecting their safety is paramount. Repetitive strain injuries are a leading cause of workplace injuries, especially in warehouses. FIBC bags address this concern effectively by promoting the use of material handling equipment like forklifts, pallet jacks, and hoists. Workers are discouraged from manual handling, thus reducing the risk of injury while improving productivity.

2. Product Safety

Ensuring the safety of products during storage and transport is crucial. FIBC bags, with their inert and sanitary properties, provide a protective environment that prevents contamination and maintains product integrity. These bags resist erosion, degradation, and chemical reactions, safeguarding consumable and medical-grade products from external threats like pests, pathogens, and moisture.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

As supply chain and warehousing costs continue to rise, businesses seek economical packaging and storage solutions. FIBC bags fit the bill perfectly. They are a long-term investment, durable and reusable, reducing operating expenses over time. Moreover, their lightweight nature translates to lower shipping costs, as shipping charges are often based on total weight.

4. Recyclability

Sustainability is a growing concern for businesses. FIBC bags are an eco-friendly option due to their extensive life cycle. They can be reused continuously, reducing landfill waste. At the end of their life cycle, FIBC bags can be recycled, reclaimed, and reconditioned, further minimizing environmental impact.

5. Maximized Storage

Efficient space utilization is crucial for warehouse managers. FIBC bags, being lightweight and pliable, are convenient to store. They fold up easily, occupy minimal space, and can be stacked, freeing up valuable floor and racking space for streamlined operations.

6. Labor Savings

Labor costs constitute a significant portion of overhead expenses in supply chains and warehouses. FIBC bags reduce labor costs by optimizing material handling. With one bulk bag replacing multiple smaller containers, less time is spent on material handling tasks, leading to increased efficiency.

7. Improved Transport and Handling

Efficient transportation and handling are essential in industries. FIBC bags excel in this regard. They can carry more weight, making material transportation faster and more effortless. Integrated elevation loops eliminate the need for additional lifting devices, while their stackable design maximizes space usage during transport.

8. Versatility

Storage solutions must adapt to evolving business needs. FIBC bags come in various sizes, designs, and types, catering to different applications and weights. They can even be customized with marketing and content information, making them a versatile and customizable solution for various operations.

Materials Suited for FIBC Bags

Due to their versatility, FIBC bags find applications across a wide range of industries, including:

– Agriculture

– Chemical production

– Construction

– Engineering

– Fishing

– Manufacturing

– Mining

– Pharmaceuticals

FIBC bags can safely store materials such as:

– Animal feed, grains, and seeds

– Cement, fiberglass, and building materials

– Chemicals, fertilizers, and resins

– Food products

– Sand, rock, and gravel

Types of FIBC Bulk Bags

FIBC bags come in various designs, each suitable for specific applications:

1. Duffle Top (Skirt Top)

Duffle top bulk bags are space-saving solutions that allow for direct loading during filling. The skirt remains straight for faster, accurate filling, and the bag can be securely closed after filling.

2. Spout Top

Spout top bags feature a cylindrical tube at the top, aiding controlled material transfer from filling equipment into the bag. After filling, the cylindrical portion is removed, and the top is sealed.

3. Open Top

Open top bulk bags have mesh strips for ventilation, promoting airflow for stored materials. They are ideal for products that require ample airflow to reduce moisture, like food products.

4. Baffled

Baffled bulk bags have internal baffles or fabric panels sewn into the bag’s corners, allowing them to maintain a square shape when filled. This design is excellent for heavy-duty applications and non-uniform materials.

FIBC Liners: Enhancing Product Protection

In addition to FIBC bags, FIBC liners play a crucial role in enhancing product protection and containment. These liners are designed to fit snugly inside FIBC bags, providing an additional layer of defense against contamination, moisture, and external elements.

Why Should You Use FIBC Liners?

FIBC liners offer several advantages, including:

1. Total Climatic Protection

When you heat seal these liners, they offer total climatic protection. No more worrying about mold or moisture ingress! These liners have you covered.

2. Protection from External Elements

FIBC liners made from aluminum vapor barriers provide protection from outside elements, including moisture, oxygen, UV light, and more. The layer of aluminum helps ensure your productโ€™s protection against these factors.

3. Compatibility with Various Materials

FIBC liners are ideal for applications such as powders, granules, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, foods, and bulk products. They can be fitted with degassing valves, vacuum ports, and valves for gas purging with inert gases such as Nitrogen or Argon, ensuring your packing process remains unchanged.

FPS:  The leader in  FIBC Solutions

When it comes to FIBC solutions, one name stands out as a leading authority in the field: FPS. FPS has established itself as a trusted partner for industries seeking top-quality FIBC bags and liners. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, FPS offers a wide range of FIBC solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries.

Whether you require FIBC bags for agricultural storage, chemical transportation, or pharmaceutical containment, FPS has the expertise and experience to provide you with the most suitable and reliable solutions. Their products are known for their durability, safety features, and cost-effectiveness, making them the preferred choice for businesses worldwide.


Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) or FIBC bags, along with FIBC liners, are revolutionizing storage and transportation in various industries. Their versatility, cost-effectiveness, recyclability, and safety features make them an ideal choice for businesses seeking efficient and eco-friendly packaging and storage solutions. Whether you’re storing agricultural products, chemicals, construction materials, or more, FIBC bags and liners offer a customizable and durable solution to meet your specific needs. Explore the world of FIBC bags and liners and discover how they can transform your operations with FPS as your trusted partner. For more information visit *Techbattel.com*

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